Managing Home Screens for Web Apps

Once the desired home screen has been added, an administrator will now decide who sees the home screen.  This way, different users in different configuration bundles will have a home screen best fitted to their needs. Navigate from Platform Configuration > Home Screens > Web. Administrators will see a page similar to this: 

Home Screens

The first section will present a list of existing home pages. An administrator may customize a home page if they have not yet done so. Browse through the list and find the desired home screen. 

Once the administrator has located desired home screen, they have several options:

1. Assign a Configuration Bundle:  By clicking "Assign" under the Configuration Bundle Column, a new window will appear with configuration bundles. 


Administrators will select the Configuration Bundles they wish to assign and click the "Save" button. All users within the assigned Configuration Bundles will see the designated Home Screen under their company tab.  Administrators can also click on one of the existing assigned links to change/edit which configuration bundles are assigned.

2. Edit:On the very right, administrators can click the "Edit" button and make adjustments to the home screen. 

3. Delete:Next to the "Edit" button is the "Delete" option. Administrators may select this if they wish to completely delete the home screen.

Home Screen Add-Ons 

Here, administrators can upload a BTCA file as an Add-On. They can, then, access this Add-On in the modules of Creating a Home Screen, see Create Home Screens Overview for more information. An Add-On may be a small, simple element that cooperates with the other modules, or can be an entirely customized home screen.

*NOTE: The Add-Ons must be a BTCA fileFor more information on forming a BTCA File please reference JavaScript Bridge API and BTCA files

Click the "Upload an Add-On" option directly below the sections title of "Home Screen Add-Ons." 

Then Navigate through the devices files until the proper BTCA file is found. Select and upload. Once completed, the file will appear in the list below, appearing similarly to this: 

Here, administrators will see: 

1. The name of the BTCA file

2. How many existing screens are using the Add-On

3. The option to download the file to device. Click the Cloud Icon to start the download. 

4. The preview option. Click the Eye icon for a pop-up window preview of the file. 

5. The option to Rename the Home Screen. Click the "Rename" button. 

6. The option to delete the Home Screen. Click the red "Delete" button to delete the Home Screen from the file. 




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