The Customization options allows for the customization of the Hub's look and feel. Admins can select the color that will be used across the Hub, the company's logo that will appear on the pages of the Hub, wallpaper image that will appear on the user enrollment form, and more. Navigate from Platform Configuration > General > Customization


Option Description
1. Color Select a color that is predominantly used across the app and web versions. Either select the color from the palette or specify the color code.  
2. Application Links Insert links to the company's apps that are available on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.
3. Logo Choose which version of the Hub the logo will appear.
4. WebApp - Login Page Logo Upload an image of the company's logo that appears on the top center portion of the login screen. 
5. WebApp- Main Company Logo  Upload an image of the company's logo that appears on the top left corner of the home page.
6. WebApp-Login Page Wallpaper Upload an image that appears as the wallpaper in the left portion of the user self enrollment form. 
7. WebApp-User self enrollment wallpaper Upload an image of your company's logo that appears on the user self enrollment page.

Refer to the corresponding numbers on the following screenshots for visual aid. 


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