How to Create a Custom Table Report

Create a custom table report in the Content Hub:

  1. Click on Reports on the left side panel, then click the Custom Reports tab and click on Create Custom Report
  2. Select "Create Web Report" from the dropdown. A new tab in the browser will open up
  3. Click on Run in the bottom right corner. It will open a new browser window
  4. Drag the table icon and drop it anywhere in the white space on the right side
  5. Select the data source from the dropdown menu depending on which data you are after.
  6. Select all the resources you need in this report from the left side panel. They will need to be added one by one to the right side panel by clicking the "add" button
  7. Use arrows in the top right corner to change the order of columns
  8. Once all the resources are added click OK to generate the report
  9. Report will load but will not show you any data yet because no date range was chosen. Click on Parameters on the left side to select the date range
  10. Select the date range by clicking on the calendar icons
  11. Select the report type. "All Story Shares" will report on all shared stories in the hub. "My Story Shares" will only report on stories shared by you.
  12. Click on Apply
  13. Your report is now ready to be viewed or exported
    *Note: If you need to edit your report, click anywhere on the report then click on the Table Wizard icon (top of vertical panel)
  14. To export it click on "export" button on the top panel
  15. Give your report a name, select the format and click OK

    *Note: Depending on the size of the report it might take anywhere from 1 second to a couple of minutes for the download to begin. Do not reload the page
  16. To save this report for future use, click on Menu - File - Save As. Click on the dropdown next to Save In: and select where you wish to save this report
  17. Give your report a name and click OK
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