How Many Times was a Particular File Viewed or Downloaded


This article will explain how to run a report that shows all of user activity on a particular file.

How-to Run a Report showing User Activity on a Particular File 

  1. Login to Bigtincan web app ( and click on Reports (left column).
  2. Click on Company Reports tab.
  3. Under System Activity click  on Activity on Files, which will open the report in a new tab.
  4. By default it will show activity on all files for the last 7 days. To adjust the time period, click on the calendar icons at the top of the report.
  5. To find a particular file use a Filter option. Any column of the report can be filtered.
  6. In the below example we will filter a report by a filename. To do that click on the Filter icon in the Filename column.
  7. In the next window click on the Search icon and search for the filename you are after. Click on the filename from the list and click OK.
  8. The report will now be filtered to only show you activity on the file you have just chosen.
  9. The activity column will show if the above file was viewed or downloaded.
  10. Scroll to the right of the report for information such as User details, Activity Date, Time Spent etc.

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