General for Platform Configuration




1. Company Name Enter the company's name. The name is used as the label for the company icon in Bigtincan Hub for iOS.
2. Support Email Address Enter the email address to which the Contact Support emails are sent. 
3. Enable Interest Area Scoping Select this checkbox to allow users selection of interest areas only beyond that of their group. All the interest areas are available to all users, if this option is not enabled. 
4. Advanced User Management Select this checkbox to allow group administrators to manage users in their group. Group administrators can manage groups and users, which means they can edit user and group settings. For instance, they can add users to groups, they can modify groups, and more. 
5. Group Admin Can Delete Users If enabled, group admins may remove users from groups. 
6. Default Currency Select the default currency that is used in the metadata costings.
7. Popular Search Recommendations Select this checkbox to display popular searches to users when searching within the app. The recommendations come from the information collected by the Hub from all the searches across the system.  Click Purge to clear the popular search cache.
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