Configuring the UI Settings

The UI options allow you to configure the various actions that users can perform on the content from their devices, and enables certain features that are available to users on their devices. 


Option Description
Allow open in Allows users to open content in other applications. 
Calendar Enables the bigtincan hub Calendar feature. 
Can copy text in viewers Allows users to use the iOS copy-paste functionality to copy text from the file viewer.  
Favorites Enables the bigtincan hub Favorites feature. 
Feeds Enables the bigtincan hub Feeds feature.
Home Enables the bigtincan hub Home screen.
Logout Allows users to log out of the hub. 
My files Enables the bigtincan hub My Files feature.
People Enables the bigtincan hub People feature.
Personal content Allows users to create and use their personal content. 
Print Allows users to print content from the bigtincan hub. 
Search Enable the bigtincan hub Search feature. 
Settings Enable the bigtincan hub Settings feature.
Show BTC annotation tool Enable the annotation button on the content page. 
Show hidden channel toggle Allows users to view hidden topics. 
Show content bundle score Displays the content bundle score to users. 
Show subscribed content only Allows users to select the option viewing only the subscribed content. 
Show user badges Displays the user badges on the home/profile screen. 
Splash Enables the custom splash screen when users launch the hub. 
Text chat Enables the bigtincan hub Text chat feature. 
Video chat Enables the bigtincan hub Video chat feature.
Web categories Enables the bigtincan hub Web Categories feature.
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