Configuring the General Settings

The general settings allows you to configure some of the basic settings for the user such as browser restrictions, download limits, pin requirements, and more. 


Option Description
Device Browser Restrictions Enables websites to be blacklisted or whitelisted.
Download Subscribed Content Only Allows users to download content only to which they have subscribed. 
Enable JavaScript Bridge Allows developers to use the JavaScript bridge API and connect to the bigtincan hub. 
Enable Thumbnails Allows users to download and display thumbnails for content. 
Require Android File Encryption Enables encryption of content for Android devices.  
Cellular Download Maximum (MB) Sets the download limit (In MB) for individual files downloaded using cellular networks. Specify the limit in the text space.   A zero indicates no restrictions. For example, setting a 5MB limit will leave any files greater than 5MB on the server, forcing a manual download when users go to open them.
WiFi Download Maximum (MB) Same as above except the rule applies to when the device is connected via WiFi.  Typically higher limits are set for WiFi, while lower limits are set for Cellular.
Pin Code Enables the requirement of entering the device code after a period of inactivity. Also, the user must enter the code even after closing and reopening the app.
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