Configuring Story Defaults

The Story Defaults section allows you to set the defaults for the stories so when a new story is created, these options will be automatically set by default.


Option Description
General Settings
Device Allows the content to be shared via mobile devices.  
Set Expiry Time Allows the content to have an expiry time duration. 
Password Protect Enables content to be password protected. 
Annotations Allows users to annotate the attached PDFs and images. 
Notifications Allows users to receive notifications on their device.
Location Constraints Allows users to restrict their content to a particular geo location. 
Presentations (default settings for PowerPoint & Keynote files add to Stories)
Allow Broadcast Allows the broadcasting of content. 
Allow Slide Reorder Allows the slides in the content to be reordered. 
Allow Slide Hiding Allows the slides in the content to be hidden. 
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