Configuring the Archive Settings for Content Bundles

The Archiving section allows you to decide the archival duration of the content present in the hub. You can either choose to archive content after a specific time interval or you can choose to archive it based on its popularity. 

Option Description
Enable Archive Deletion

Enables the deletion of archived stories after the specified duration.

If you select this checkbox, choose the archival duration after which the story will be deleted. Deleted stories cannot be restored.

Mark Content Bundles as Inactive 

This checkbox enables the marking of content as inactive after the specified duration. 

If you select this checkbox, specify the archival duration (in months) after which the content will be marked as inactive. 

You can also select the minimum Content IQ score that the content must have before it is nominated for archiving. Content with a lower Content IQ score than the specified value will be archived.


Note: The update impact shows the percentage of the total content that fall below the content store threshold. 

Archive Content Bundles 

As soon as a particular content is nominated for archiving, a notification about the content is sent to the author. This is to for the author to take action on the content if to make it unavailable for archival. The waiting time is for the author to take such action.

Specify the waiting time for the author to take action. After the specified number of days, the content will be archived. 

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