Configuring the Story Settings


The content bundle settings option allows you to configure permissions to various actions that users perform on the content present in the Hub. 


Option Description
Author delete only Allows the content to be deleted only by the author, and not other users.  
Author edit only Allows the content to be edited only by the author, and not other users. 
Can alias Allows users to post topics in multiple channels. 
Can comment Allows users to comment on stories.
Can copy Allows users to copy stories. 
Can copy description Allows users to copy the story description using the device's copy and paste functionality. 
Can create Allows users to create stories.
Can create Notes Allows users to create Notes. 
Can create Quickfile Allows users to create Quickfiles.
Can create Quickform Allows users to create Quickforms.
Can create Quicklink Allows users to create Quicklinks. 
Can delete Allows users to delete or archive stories. 
Can edit Allows users to edit stories. 
Can edit options Allows users to edit story options. 
Can favorite Allows users to add content to their favorites folder. 
Can flag Allows users to flag stories for their reference. 
Can like/rate Allows users to like or rate stories that they like. 
Can move Allows users to move stories between different channels.
Can sort Allows users to sort content based on Type, Size and Date added. 
Can subscribe Allows users to subscribe to stories. When users subscribe to a story, they receive notifications on the activities of the story, and the story is added to their subscribed download list. 
Can Create Custom File Details
  1. Custom File Detail is Mandatory: The file attached to a story must have the configured “Custom File Detail” option checked before publishing.
  2. Custom Text Field is Mandatory: Publishers must add content to the “Custom Text Box” box before adding the file to a story.
  3. Custom Text Input Field: Allows the story publisher to add additional text/info when adding a file to a story. *NOTE: This option must be enabled in order to activate the “Custom Text Field is Mandatory” option.
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