Platform Configuration- Websties

The Websites option allows for the creation of shortcuts to websites and assign them to groups. Users that have access to a particular set of websites can access them easily from the Hub. This page is organized in a simple cascading manner where administrators select or create a website and instantly select groups that can access the websites. Navigate to Platform Configuration>Websites to access this page. 

To create and assign websites to groups:

1. Click Add to create a new website. The Create new website page opens up. 

2. Enter the title and URL of the website. Click Create website

3. Once a website is created, it gets listed in the Websites column.

4. Select the required website, and the corresponding groups assigned to it are listed. A group will not be listed until it has been assigned to the website. 

5. To assign groups to websites, click Add Group and start typing the group name. Click Add for the required group to assign it to the website.  


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