Custom User Metadata

Administrators can provide attributes and values that users can apply to their profile. Use custom user metadata to further group users by different data sets for reporting (e.g. region, country, role, etc.).

Navigate from Platform Configuration > Custom User Metadata 

Here, administrators can define up to 50 Attributes and the different values that can be assigned to them.

To add a new Attribute, click on the "Add Metadata" button.

1. Name the attribute by clicking the text box and typing the desired attribute name. 

2. Click the "Edit" icon to add the different values that can be assigned to the attribute.  The following window appears: 

Type in the values for the designated attribute.  Administrators may, also, copy and paste a list of values from a different source.  Make sure each value is separated by a new line in the list. Click Update to save the list of values. 

3. Administrators may select the tick box to enable the Hidden action. If enabled, the Hidden action will hide the Attribute from the user's profile.  

4. If the attribute is NOT hidden (#3), then users have the ability to edit the attribute on their profile. Administrators may prevent this by selecting the Locked tick box.

5.  Administrators may click the red X at the very right of the screen to delete the attribute. 

Click the "Save" button in the top right of the screen to save all progress.

Note: Custom User Metadata changes won't be available in the Reporting System until the next day as changes are processed overnight.

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