Custom Apps

Bigtincan allows for Admin users to create API keys to provide authentication and authorization services for custom applications that they develop for the Bigtincan platform using the Custom Apps. Navigate from Platform Configuration > Custom Apps


  • Administrative rights to Bigtincan Hub (i.e.- a user account with the role of Administrator)

1. Via the Custom Apps menu click "Add Application"

2. Chose either the Auth Method-

Standard OAuth 2.0 (User Authentication) uses a user's login to authorize the application.

OAuth 2.0 with API Key (Server Authentication) allows the application to authenticate to Bigtincan Hub using an API Key instead of a user's credentials.

3. Provide an Application Name

4. Define the activities (scopes) that you will allow it to perform

5. Select a user that the API is using to “connect” as - giving the application using this API ID / Key pair access to all the content that user has access to.

This client ID / key pair can perform actions as any other user on the platform. Note that the application being used must have the code responsible for impersonation (this option is just allowing it to happen for the specific client ID / key pair).

*Note: that these options only exist on applications that will use the API key option. The Standard OAuth 2.0 (User Authentication) option forces users to login with their own credentials, giving them access to the Hub content for their account without impersonation.

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