Creating and Assigning Custom Admin

Administrators now have the ability to create and assign a unique set of scoped admin permissions through the Custom Admin Roles feature. Administrators may choose to grant individuals access to any combination of administrative setting privileges including: General, Home Screens, Security,  CRM Integration, Custom Naming Convention, Structure, Websites, Custom Apps, Users, Gamification, Custom User Metadata, Stories, Email, Files, Interest Areas, and Content Recommender in Platform Configuration. The Structure & Users admin pages have additional scoped roles described below.

*The Custom Admin Roles are Feature Flagged, to gain access to this feature, contact your Customer Success representative. 

*We support up to 10 Custom Admin Roles in the platform. 

*You must be a full Administrator to create Custom Admin Roles.


To create a new Custom Admin Role, or edit an existing role:

  1. Navigate to “Platform Configuration"

  2. Scroll down to the “Advanced” header and select “Custom Admin Roles” 

  3. View existing system roles, or click on the create button (+) in the top right corner of the screen.

  4. Give your new Custom Admin Role a title.

  5. Select the permissions you want to provide to these users. 

*See table below for a brief summary of permissions privileges.

  1. Select Save!

The new Custom Admin Role will, then, be available for assignment.


To assign users to a Custom Admin Role: 

  1. Navigate to Platform Configuration

  2. Navigate to Users

  3. Select from existing Users or add an entirely new User

  4. Change the Role from User/Administrator to the appropriate Role that you’ve created.



Privilege Enabled



Configure some of the basic and initial options of the Bigtincan Hub. 


Customize the first screen that appears when users access any Bigtincan Hub platforms. 


Configure authentication, DNS, JavaScript, and more settings to secure your company's account. 

Configuration Bundles 

*Note:Access to Configuration Bundles can not be  assigned to a Custom Admin Role. 

CRM Integration

The CRM Integration option allows administrators to configure the defaults for users when logging information to the CRM. 


Create shortcuts to websites and assign them to user groups for quick access. 

Custom Naming Convention 

The Custom Naming Convention option allows for changes in reference to the structure and content in Bigtincan Hub. 

Structure Edit Rights

When a Custom Admin Role has edit permissions to the Structure page they can: 

Create New Tabs, 

Edit Tabs, 

Search Tabs, 

Visualize Relationships (tab), 

Create New Channels, 

Add Existing Channels, 

Edit Channels, 

Search Channels, 

Remove Channels, 

Visualize Relationships (channel),

Add Existing Groups, 

Remove Groups, 

Edit Group Permissions,

Search Groups, 

Visualize Relationships (Groups), 

Search users, 

Visualize relationships (users).

Structure Manage Rights

When a Custom Admin Role has manage permissions to the Structure page they can: 

Search tabs, 

Visualize relationships (tab), 

Add existing channels to an existing tab, 

Change group permissions in an existing channel, 

Search channels, 

Remove channels, 

Visualize relationships (channels),

Add existing groups, 

Remove groups, 

Edit group permissions, 

Search groups, 

Visualize relationships (groups), 

Search users, 

Visualize relationships (users).

They will not have the ability to create tabs, edit tabs, create a new channel, edit an existing channel, or create a new group from the Structure page.

Custom Apps

Allows Admin users to create API keys to provide authentication and authorization services for custom applications that they develop for the Bigtincan platform using the Custom Apps. 

Users: Groups Edit Rights

When a Custom Admin Role has Edit permissions to Groups on the Users page they can: 

Create New groups, 

Filter Groups, 

Edit Groups, 

Edit User Default Settings, 

Edit User Default Notifications


Users: Groups Manage Rights

When a Custom Admin Role has Manage permissions to Groups on the Users page they can: 

View & filter groups.


Users: Users Edit Rights

When a Custom Admin Role has Edit permissions to Users on the Users page they can: 

Add new users to a group, 

Add existing users to a group, 

Filter users, 

Edit users, 

Remove users from a group.

Users: Users Manage Rights

When a Custom Admin Role has Manage permissions to Users on the Users page they can: 

Add existing users to groups, 

Remove users from groups, 

View & filter users.



Gamification allows admins to set parameters around the Content IQ and Social IQ.


Custom User Metadata 

Create custom metadata to further describe users to meet business needs.



Configure the default settings, archival process and tagging guidelines of stories. 


*Note:Story Metadata is not available to Custom Admin Roles


Customize the notification emails sent by the Hub by way of custom templates and SMTP servers.

*Note:Digest Email is not available to Custom Admin Roles.


Configure the file default settings, upload settings, and establish connections to cloud repositories.


Interest Areas 

Create and assign areas so that users can view and interact with content that is tailor-made for them. 




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