Salesforce CRM Integration


The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the Salesforce CRM integration as well as provide the necessary guidance to successfully configure the solution.

It is assumed that the reader already has accounts in both Bigtincan Hub and Salesforce, and furthermore, that the Salesforce account is configured for REST API access and that the configuring user has the requisite access permissions. 


An active Bigtincan Hub Account
An active Salesforce Account
Salesforce Tenant with REST API access

Feature Description

The Bigtincan Hub SalesForce integration seamlessly links actions taken in the Bigtincan Hub platform with associated objects in Salesforce. The integration has a number of distinct capabilities which include;

  • The ability to link a Bigtincan Hub Story to a Salesforce Campaign
  • The ability to automatically look up leads and contacts in Salesforce
  • The ability to automatically create leads and contacts in Salesforce
  • The ability to automatically log actions to Salesforce
  • The ability to log a meeting to Salesforce

Integration behavior

Adding and Configuring Salesforce Fields

For the integration to function properly, there are several configuration steps that must be completed within Salesforce.  

In Salesforce (classic) click onSetup(top right corner).

Allow Access 

The Hub requires certain permissions for the integration process. Users must ensure they've allowed the following permissions for properly integration: 

Click "Allow" to save the granted permissions. 

Setup Account Fields

  1. Go to Quick Find / Search (top left corner). TypeAccounts. Click onFields
  2. Click on "New" under Account Custom Fields & Relationships
  3. Select "Text Area" from the Data Type and click Next
    • Note: Do not use Text Area (Long) as it cannot be used for filtering.
  4. Enter the following details
    1. Field Label: BTC Email Domains
    2. Field Name: BTC_Email_Domains (This should be auto-generated after entering the field label)
    3. Click Next
    4. Select the Field-Level Security for profiles and click Next
      • Make sure this field is not set to read-only for anyone who will be using Salesforce CRM integration.
    5. Click on Save

Setup Task Fields

Adding a new value

  1. Go to Quick Find / Search. Type: "Activities". Click onTask Fields
  2. Click on field label "Type"
  3. Under Task Type Picklist Values click on "New"
  4. Enter the following pick list values, each on its own line:
    1. BTC Share
    2. BTC MeetingLog (no space)
  5. Click on Save

Field level accessibility

Allow for each applicable Salesforce profile.

  1. Click the "Set Field-Level Security" button
  2. Check "Visible" for all applicable profiles
  3. Click Save

Setup Lead Fields

  1. Go to Quick Find / Search. Type: "Leads" and click onFields
  2. Navigate into “Lead Source” field
  3. Click on "New" under Account/Lead Source Picklist Values
  4. Enter the following pick list value on its own line:
    BTC Hub
  5. Click on Save
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