Gamification Social IQ and Content IQ

Gamification allows adjustment of parameters in labeling Social IQ and Content IQ. 

The way in which users interact with both content and other users plays a vital roll in determining that user's and/or content's value to your organization.  Bigtincan Hub provides a labeling system to numerically determine each value. A user's value is labeled Social IQ, while content is simply labeled Content IQ.

Social IQ considers various actions taken by users to determine "scores" and "badges". Some of the actions include creating content, viewing content, subscribing and unsubscribing to content, rating content, and many more. An administrator can decide how each action impacts the user score. Do so by assigning weights to various actions. Based on the weights, Bigtincan uses sophisticated formulae to determine the scores. Determine the level of interaction of a particular user by looking at the Social IQ scores.

Content IQ considers the popularity and importance of the content. If a particular piece of content has more "Likes", high "Ratings" and large number of "Subscribes", it may be considered as popular. Bigtincan considers all these actions, uses sophisticated formulae, and calculates the Content IQ score.  

The Gamification settings allows you to set the parameters for calculating the Content IQ and Social ID scores. Navigate to Platform ConfigurationGamification to access this page.

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