Setting Up and Using iOS Widget for Content Hub

Widget Use

iOS widgets allow for easy content discovery, quicker access to preferred content, and updates in real time about shared content activity–all without even opening the app.

Quickly view information and receive updates from Content Hub on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen with new widgets for iOS. Personalize your home screen for streamlined productivity by adding configurable widgets for content or recent HubShare activity and analytics. Get the latest at a glance, without even having to launch the app.

Note: If initial update does not present correctly, users may need to clear their cookies and restart their device. 

Types of Widgets

  • Content/Stories(4 sizes to choose from on iPad - S / M / L / XL; 3 sizes on iPhone - S / M / L)

Latest Content is the default, but users can configure this to show content that is:

Selecting a piece of content from the widget will bring you directly to that content in the Hub app.

Recent Shares(4 sizes to choose from on iPad - S / M / L / XL; 3 sizes on iPhone - S / M / L)

Displays content you’ve recently shared and a snapshot of viewing analytics for that content.

Selecting a recent share will bring you directly to that HubShare’s analytics.


How to Add a Widget :

  1.  Install Bigtincan Hub on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. On your iPhone or iPad, press and hold on an empty space on your home screen until the icons start wiggling. 

  3. Press the plus icon in the upper left to access the widgets menu. 

  4. Find Hub in the menu of suggestions and select it. 

  5. Choose the size and style of widget you’d like (Content or Recent Shares) and select Add Widget. 

  6. Press and hold on the widget and drag it to rearrange where it displays on your Home Screen. 

  7. If you’d like to add another different widget, follow the steps above and choose a different style of widget.

Note: Users can’t edit/configure a Content Widget to become a Recent Shares Widget. 

How to Reconfigure the Content/Story Widget and Choose a Different Category of Content:

  1. Press and hold on the widget you’d like to configure until a menu appears. 

  2. Select Edit Widget. 

  3. Select the current data source (ie: Latest) to open a menu of data sources

  4. Choose which data source you’d like to use for your widget (Latest, Popular, Recommended, Featured, Bookmarked, Published) 

  5. Tap off of the widget to save and close.

How to Delete a Widget

  1. Press and hold on the widget you’d like to remove until a menu appears. 

  2. Select the Minus option in the top right corner of the widget. 

  3. Select the Delete Widget option. 


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