Upload Content and Share with Clients

Users may upload content in the form of a story and share that content externally from the Hub. 

  1. To begin this process, users navigate from Content > Personal Content > Personal Channels. 
  2. Users select a Channel containing the content they wish to share. 
  3. Select the Story containing the content they wish to share. This prompts users to the story's page. 
  4.  In the upper right corner, users select the "Share" option:
  5. This prompts the following window. Enter an email address of the intended recipient. The files attached to the story will be sent, however, users may add additional files to this share by selecting the "Add File(s)" option just below the optional message. Click share to finalize the share.  *Note: Users may preview the share before sending by selecting the Eye icon next to the Share option at the bottom of the window. Select this and users will see a preview similar to the following:
  6. If satisfied, users may select the Share button here, or select Go Back to make edits.
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