Updating and Managing Files within a Story

An author has the opportunity to update, edit, and manage files within their story even after publication.

  1.   Navigating to the story of which they wish to edit. 
  2.  Select the "Edit" option, located in the top right of the story.
  3. This leads the publisher to the story's editing page. Once there, select the "Files" option to access the story's files.
  4. There are a number of options a publisher might pursue once accessing the files. They may
    • Manage the file's display order
    • Add a new file
    • Edit/replace an existing file

Manage Display Order

A publisher may decide to rearrange the order in which the existing files display. To do so, simply select and hold the 3 horizontal lines to the right of the file name and drag the file(s) into the desired sequence. 


Add File 

A publisher may add additional files after publication. Select the "Add File" option directly below the list of existing files and select the new file. 

Files can be added via Bigtincan Drive. Visit Bigtincan Drive Overview for more information. 

The number of files will be displayed on the thumbnail wherever the story appears. 

Editing/Updating Existing Files

Publishers can edit an existing file’s properties or update the existing file with a newer version. Select the info icon to see the variety of actions allowed. 

After selecting the info icon the file's detail will pop-up in a window similar to the following: 


Under the "Metadata Tab" publishers can 

  1. Edit the Thumbnail
  2. See various details ( File type, File size, Date added)
  3. Update the file's name



If a publisher wishes to change/add a thumbnail to the file, they will click the "Replace thumbnail" option at the very top of the "Metadata" Tab: 

Publishers can choose from the provided gallery, the images uploaded by the company, or upload their own image. Select the desired image, and click the "Select" option at the bottom of the window to update the thumbnail. 

File Name

The very bottom of the "Metadata" tab is the title. If a publisher wishes to update the title, they simply click in the textbox and make the adjustments.


Under the "Options" tab of the file's detail page, publisher have access to: 

  1. File Options 
  2. Sharing Customizations

*Note: These options must be activated in the user's configuration bundle before that user sees those options. See Configuring the Content Bundle Sharing Options for more information. 

File Options

Specific details differ in accordance to the administrators specification. See your administrator for your company's customization/ see General for details on how to update these details. 

  1. Apply Watermark
  2. File Detail Title "Approved by Marketing" in this example. 
  3. Hint Text
  4. Schedule Expiry Date and Time


Please see this article for how to set up watermarks. 


File Detail Title

Labeled as "Approved by Marketing" in the above example. Check the box to confirm the file addition is adhering to the workflow designed by the platform administrative team.

*Note: If specified as mandatory in the user’s configuration bundle, they cannot publish the story until this option has been checked. On attempt to publish, a user will see the following error, indicating one of the attached files needs to have this option checked.



Hint Text

If configured, publishers may be required to add some additional text to further confirm the file addition.  Seek specific guidance from your company's administrator. 

Schedule Expiry Date and Time

An author may decide to set, in advance, a date and time they wish the individual file to expire. The expire file will be removed to Archived Content. To set an individual file's expiry time: 

  1. Navigate to the Options tab under the File Details Page:
  2. This will prompt the author to a section similar to the following: 
  3. Select the checkbox "Schedule file expiry date & time" to enable this setting.
  4. Designate a date by selecting the calendar icon.
  5. Designate a time by selecting the clock icon.
  6. Designate the respective Time Zone by selecting the drop down menu directly to the right of the date/time option. 



Share Status

The particular share status attached to the file determines user's sharing ability: 

Optional: If selected, the user sharing the story has the opportunity to decide whether or not that particular file is included. 

Mandatory: If selected, the file must be included when sharing the story. 

Blocked: The file cannot be shared, and only those who access the story in the Hub can see the file. 


Allow HubShare Downloads

Directly below the share status is the option to allow/forbid HubShare downloads. If enabled, the file can be downloaded by any recipient of the story via HubShare. 


Update Options

When updating the file's content, publishers will select the "Update" option on the very right of the display. The following drop menu appears.

Select Desktop and the publisher may browse through and select a file existing on their own device. 

Select the desired file, click the "Open" option, and that file will replace the preexisting file. 


Select Hub Files, a publisher will browse through the files available to them in the Hub. Navigate through the story hierarchy until desired file is selected.

Select the "Update" option to replace the existing file with the file selected. 

Once all desired adjustments are made, be sure to select the "Done" option in the top right corner to save progress.

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