Configuring Story Options

After composing a story, users can configure the various options that are available. These options allow configuration of settings such as password protection, sharing, priority, and more. Navigate to Create >Story to access the Create Story page. Then select the Options tab to view the options list. 


The table below describes the options available for the stories

Option Description

Select this checkbox to allow users to share your story. 

  • Allow device's publicly available sharing options: When enabled, users may share content via native methods on their device such as email and social media. 
  • Limit Number of Downloads per File: When enabled, allows user to specify the number of times that file can be downloaded. 
  • Expire Links to Profile: When enabled, allows user to specify the number of days that file can be downloaded. 
  • Description Sharing: When enabled, will include the description in any means of sharing. 


Password Protect Select this checkbox if users have to enter their account password to view your story.
Allow Annotations Allows users to annotate on files that are attached to the story. 
Allow Notifications When enabled, allows others to be notified of activity on Content. 
Priority Sequence Ordering When enabled, a user can assign a number for the content between 1-1000 so it will show up as that number. 
Restriction Location Allows you to set the location in which users can access the story. Users outside the specified location will not be able to access the story.
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