Adding Tags to Stories

Adding Tags

Adding Tags will help in accurate search results. Using appropriate tags, users have an easier time finding the relevant content. Access theCreate Quick Menu > Stories. *Note, in this example "stories" have been renamed to "content." See your administrator for your company's specific naming customizations. 


At the top of the Create stories Page, click the Tags tab.


Once at the Tags section, a user can either type in the 

1. "New Tag..."  box,


2. Select a Tag(s) from the Suggestions list.  

Tips for Constructing Tags

1. Spaces are not allowed in tags. If a user types a space, the tag will automatically generate and begin a separate tag for the second word. Type multiple words without spaces if desired. Ex) releasenotes 

2. Tags are not case sensitive. All tags will recognize the lowercase version of the letter regardless of how they original tag was typed in. Ex) Health=health  

3. Tags can contain the following "special" characters:
$   dollar sign
    @   at symbol
      '  single quotation mark
     #   pound/hash tag
      ,   comma
     %  percent

4. The tag list will appear in the order of generated tag words. The first tag generated will appear first and the latest generated tag will appear last. 

5. Click the red X next to the generated tag to delete the tag. 

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