Adding Descriptions to Stories using Text Editor

Stories with appropriate descriptions creates a helpful context. A well-composed description makes the story readable and easy to follow. Bigtincan Hub offers a text editor to create an effective description for your stories. 

Users employ the Text Editor when writing a description for a Story. This allows for different types of content in the Story description. Below are some ideas to enhance a Story.


Navigate to Create>Story to access the Create Story page. Then, select the Description tab.

The following tools are available in the WYSIWYG text editor: 

Text Formatting

Apply basic text formatting such as Bold, Italics, Underline, Strike through, Subscript, Superscript, and more. Also, customize the font and text sizes. Highlight the relevant text and select the required formatting tools. 

Lists and Alignment

Use the list tools to add numbered and bullet lists, and the indent text tools to create nested lists. Use the left align, right align, center and justify tools to align the content. 

Link and Anchor

Link the text in the description to external websites, emails or anchors. To add a link, highlight the required text and click the Link tool. 

Create anchors for important sections of the text, then use the anchors to link sections to other text sections. 

Images Tables and Lines

Embed web-based images by clicking the Image button. Specify the image URL in the image properties box to embed the required image. Customize height, width and alignment properties of the image. 

Insert tables for organizing content. Select the table properties by clicking the Table button. From there, choose the required number of rows, columns, headers, alignment, and more. 

Insert lines between different text sections by clicking the Line button. Insert a line by placing the cursor on a new line and clicking the Line button.


The Source tool allows for the use of HTML editor in content creation. If familiar with HTML, use the source tool to embed videos, add input forms and checkboxes, use CSS to style the description, and more. It is a useful way of adding interactive elements to stories. 

Right to Left Text Support 

In order to adequately a range of languages, users may specify between left to right directional typing or right to left directional typing by selecting the designated arrow option. 

Select the desired direction and the text editor will accommodate. For more information on what languages the Bigtincan Content Hub supports, please see Language and Translation Support.

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