Channels for iOS

Channels are the second tier of the hierarchy. Tabs are comprised of channels, therefore, to access channels user navigate from Content > Tabs > Channels. 

Channels are designed to further organize various content. For example, a Tab may be the broad category of a Week Long Convention, and each Channel in the Tab would be a day containing that day's schedules, presenters, contact information, ect. 


A user taps a Tab and the menu presents all Channels listed under that Tab. To gain access to the stories in a particular channel, a user simply taps the desired channel.  

Search within Channels

Users have the ability to filter content in Channels with as few as 2 characters.  At the top of the Channels menu, users will see a Search Bar Option. Users will begin typing a search term, with 2 or more characters in place, the menu will present all search results displaying the current search term. The search term will be highlighted for easy recognition. The more characters in place results a more specific result.  

Once the channel is selected, all the stories will appear in the window to the right. The story will have a visual representation, as well as a the Content IQ Badge. Below the picture will be the Stories Title and Author. 

In the top left corner of the stories window users may tap the button "Details" and a drop menu will appear.

The Subscribe toggle option, if enabled by user, will notify the user of any updates on the channel. The "Add People" option directly below allows a user to give access to the channel to other users. 

If there are multiple stories in the Channel, by default, the stories are organized by date. However, users have the option (top right of the window) to customize the organization settings. There are a variety of sorting options a user may choose. By clicking the Sort by Date button in the top right a drop menu appears.

A user may tap their sorting preference. 

Directly to the left of the Sort by Date button is the option to arrange stories in either list or grid fashion. 

This is how the stories will appear in the Grid Fashion.

This is how the stories will appear in List format.


For the next steps in content creation go to the Stories


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