Viewing USDZ Files in Bitincan 3D

Users can upload and view USDZ files to the Hub. Note, Bigtincan does not provide the models, merely the ability to upload and see models in Augmented Reality. For more information on USDZ files go here.

To utilize a USDZ file in Augmented Reality, users will begin by accessing the story containing the file on their mobile device. 

The file will look like this: 

They will then, tap the file labeled with 3D-Model, which will prompt a preview similar to this: 

Here, users can customize a variety of characteristics before placing the object in the room. Users can 

  1. Zoom out by pinching in
  2. Zoom In by pinching out
  3. Rotate the model 360 degrees on several different planes 

Once the user has the desired position and size, they will tap the AR tab above the model. 

After tapping the AR tab, users will scan the area with their mobile device. The device will give additional instructions such as, “More Light Required” or “Keep Moving iPhone.” Users must obliged before the model can be placed. 

Once the model is placed, users can move the object around the room by tapping and dragging the model to the desired location. 

Also, users can enlarge or shrink the object by pinching in/out respectively. When changing the objects size, a percentage will appear above the model. When the percentage is at 100%, the model is actual size in regards to its surroundings. 

Once placement and size are appropriate, users can take a picture of the model in Augmented Reality. Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen for a snapshot. The picture will be saved to the devices photo library. 

Additionally, by tapping the ellipses in the top right of the screen, users can attach this screenshot to a pitch. Tap the ellipses and be directed to a new pitch option. 


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