Tabs for Windows 10

Content within the Hub is organized in a hierarchical fashion funneling down until users reach the core files. By default the largest and first tier is called Tabs. Tabs are comprised of the second tier of the hierarchy called Channels. Channels contain appropriate stories--which are the third unit of the hierarchy. Note: Tabs, Channels, and Stories may have different names according to a users administrator settings. 

Tabs---> Channels---> Stories

Users access the Tabs tier by clicking the Stories icon on the main menu. All the tabs to which the users have access will appear on the very left hand side of the screen. 

Underneath the Title of the Tab, the number of channels and stories is listed. Note, in this screenshot "stories" are titled as "content." See your administrator for accurate verbiage. A user simply clicks the desired Tab and gains access to the the channels and stories contained.

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