Stories for Windows 10

Stories are the most pinpointed part of the hierarchy. A story is where a user will get the root of information via files or story description. Navigate from Content > Tabs > Channels > Stories and click the desired story. This will open the story and prompt users to an entirely new screen. 


The top section contains the basic information of the story. Here, users will see the title, the image associated with the story, and the author. Users may tap the authors picture to open their profile.


The description is a text base section providing basic insight to the story's purpose. 


A variety of files may be uploaded to support a story's overall purpose. Files may include text-based files, images, pdf's, AR Models and more. The files serve as the core of information exchange in the hierarchy. 

Personal Notes 

Users can attach personal notes to stories. Personal notes may include text, drawings, voice recordings and more. For more information on creating notes go to Note.

 Related Content

This section will provided a list of stories similar, or complimenting the ideas of the current story.

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