Create Menu for Web App

In the top right corner of any given screen on the Web App, users have access to Create Menu. 

When a user clicks the "+" sign, a drop menu will appear. This menu allows quick navigation to the various pages around the Hub including:

  • Stories: Stories are the main point of interaction in Bigtincan Hub and provide the scaffolding for content. This allows content to be shared and published for other users to view and comment on. *Note: Stories are renamed "Content" in the above screen shot. 
  • Notes: Create unstructured notes to capture information and ideas that can be a mix of drawings, pictures, text and images. 
  • Create Quicklinks: Quicklinks allows users to create a direct link to specific content including URLs, Files and Forms.
  • Share: Quickly comprise an email, with optional message and attached files. A browsable window full of stories found in the Hub will appear if a user clicks the "Add File(s)" button at the bottom of the email window. Navigate to the desired story and check the designated box next to the file to attach the file(s) to the email. Click update, then click share to finalize the process. 


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