File Defaults

Administrators have the option to customize certain characteristics pertaining to uploaded files. To access these customizations, navigate to Platform Configuration > Files > File Defaults

Custom File Details

The first section labeled "Custom File Details" activates whether or not the Custom File Detail will appear in conjunction to the attached story. To edit the Custom File Detail Message see General for Files in Platform Configuration. 

  1. Enable the Custom File detail by selecting the accompanying checkbox "Custom File Detail Enabled
  2. Select the "Save" button in the top right corner of the section.

Default Files Expiration

Administrators and Publishers can manage the full content lifecycle, expiring content at the individual file level and system-wide. The Default File Expiration feature allows administrators to set a default time in days for content to automatically be removed from the platform. To set the expiration dates for the file: 

  1. Navigate from Platform Configuration > Files > File Defaults.
  2. Find the section Default Files Expiration right below the Custom File Details section.
  3. Select the checkbox to enable this expiry setting. Set the number of days after which the file will expire.
    *Note: The files are simply archived  and NOT permanently deleted allowing an administrator to retrieve expired content.
  4. Select the checkbox to enable this expiry warning setting. Set the File Expiry Warning. The story author will be notified the amount of designated days prior to its expiration. The author will receive another warning of expiration the day of expiry.  

*Note: Publishers can set a unique expiration date for every file they upload in the Options section of File Details. See Updating and Managing Files within a Story for full instructions. 



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