Cloud Services for Publishers

Publishers are able to add files to stories that are synchronized from remote cloud repositories via Cloud Service connections created here.  Administrators navigate from Platform Configuration > Files > Cloud Services For Publishers. Once there, Administrators will click the "Connect cloud service folder" button in the upper right. 

 Clicking this will prompt a pop-up menu like this: 


1. Cloud Service

The first step in connecting cloud repositories, is selecting which service to connect. Bigtincan Hub can connect to 23 different cloud services. 

*Note: Some services support higher access to the repository contents via "Admin Accounts" by checking the box below the service titled "Admin account."  When prompted to authenticate (see below), the user will need to use the credentials for an Admin Account as defined by the service being connected.  See your service provider's documentation regarding admin accounts and the privileges they offer. 

Once a service has been selected, administrators will be redirected to the services authentication page to enter login credentials and grant access to Hub.

2. Folder Connection

The next step is the folder connection. Here, administrators will designate what material will be accessed through this specific connection. 

Give the connection a name in the text box titled "Service Name."  This is how the connection will be identified to publishers.

Next, administrators will designate which content in repository will be made available via this connection.  There are two choices:

The first option, "Connect the entire account", will make all of the folders/files assigned to the authenticated cloud account available via the connection.

If administrators wish to only give access to a certain folder, they can select ONE folder which will restrict the content to that folder and the files/folders underneath it.  This approach allows administrators to micro-segment large repositories giving access to only certain content to certain groups.  (see below).

Click Confirm to advance to the next step.

3. User Groups

The final step is the assignment of which groups/users can use this connection to publish content into Hub Stories.

Administrators can either search for the groups/users with the search bar or click the checkbox next to the list provided. Once all groups/users are selected, administrators will click confirm. 

Once finalized, the designated users can attach the designated files to their stories from the cloud repository. 

When creating a new story, a user will select “Cloud Files” under the add files section and they will have access to the synced channels for which they have been designated. 


Editing and Deleting 

An administrator may grant additional users access, if desired once the channel has been created. 

Navigate from Platform Configuration>Files>Cloud Services For Publishers. 


Select the "Edit" button to on the right side of the screen. This will prompt a similar Pop Up menu as when they were creating the channel. Administrators will click or unclick designated users. 

*Note: This is the only editing allowed once the channel has been created. If an administrator wishes to change which files or folders are accessible, they will need to delete the channel and make a new one. Administrators will delete the channel by clicking the "Delete" button on the far right of the screen, next to the "Edit" button. 



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