Administrators have the opportunity to customize a wide variety of email templates sent out via the Hub. Customizable email templates include notifications and other communications such as: 

  1. Account Activation
  2. Password Reset
  3. Others Forward Content I Share
  4. When Content I share has been Viewed
  5. Replies to my Comments
  6. New Comments where I have Commented
  7. Content Promoted
  8. Comments made on my Content
  9. Annotations my Files
  10. Others share my content
  11. Others subscribe to my Content
  12. Others flag my Content
  13. Inactive content
  14. Others' Content are Published
  15. Users' I Follow
  16. Channels I am subscribed To
  17. Channels I have Access To
  18. Users I Follow
  19. Others Praise Me 
  20. Others Follow Me
  21. Broadcast Invitation
  22. Broadcast Invitation to external Users
  23. Broadcast Summary

Customize the Email Templates

To customize any one of these email communications, administrators will navigate from Platform Configuration > Email > Templates to begin:

  1. Begin by selecting the desired email type for customization. Select the drop down menu labeled "Email Type" and select the template:

    If an administrator would like to clear the template and start from a blank slate they would select the "Reset Layout" option, just below the drop down menu. 
  2. Then designate the desired language. Select the drop down menu labeled "Language" directly to the right of the "Email Type" menu and select from a wide variety of available languages. 

Email Subject

Customize the subject line attached to the email notification. Just below the email template designation, administrators will see a section similar to: 

  1. Select the textbox to prompt the following additional symbol
  2. Select the symbol for the following textbox:

    Administrators may either select a predesignated option from the drop down menu or type a completely customized message: 
  3. Administrators may add multiple attributes to the email subject. Select the textbox for the manifestation of a subsequent addition symbol.  
    Select, and designate the attribute (Steps 1-3). Once multiple attributes are listed, select and hold the three vertical dots on the left of each title to arrange the order. 

Email Body

Directly below the customizable subject section, administrators have access to the Customizable Template Body of the Email. 

Administrators may choose between "Inky" or "CSS" as the language of choice by selecting the respective tabs at the top of the Coding Section. 

Administrators may download the current template to their device as a zip file by selecting the "Backup Template" option in the bottom right corner of the section.

Directly to the right, they may test the template by selecting "Send test email" to prompt the following pop-up window: 
Designate the appropriate recipient and select "Send."

Email Preview 

At the very bottom of the page, administrators may see a preview of the customized email: 

Select the respective tabs for the email previews as they may appear on the different devices. 



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