SMTP Server Setup

The SMTP Server Setup option allows for the alteration of the outbound mail server configuration for the platform. The default email service included with the platform will send all emails from It may be required that the From email domain is your company's, and configuring a custom SMTP server will enable this. By using a custom SMTP server for outbound emails, the From email address will either be that of the authenticated outbound email user that is configured here, or if the SMTP server allows impersonation, the From email address will be that of the actual Hub user sending the email. 

Regardless of the configuration chosen, the ReplyTo address will be that of the logged in Hub user. A custom SMTP server configuration will not affect the outbound email format or other Bigtincan capabilities.  

Option Description
Custom SMTP Server You can choose to send emails using Bigtincan's email capability or using a custom SMTP server. 
Custom Server

Enter the following details to choose the Custom option:

  • Host - Enter the server address. Example:
  • Port - The default value is 25. Verify with your ISP if you want to use a different port. 
  • Username - Enter the server username. 
  • Password - Enter the server password. 
  • Encryption - Select the required encryption type. 
Test SMTP Settings Enter a valid email address to test the SMTP settings. If that address receives a the test email, it means the values entered are correct. If not, check the values again and enter the correct ones.
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