Adding Email Signatures into HubShare Templates


  • Adding a signature under Settings. Each user will be responsible for adding a signature to their profile
    • In the top right hand cover of the homepage click on the dropdown arrow and select Settings
    • Scroll down to the bottom of General settings and update signature using the extensive Word Processing options. Click


Administrators will need to insert Signature into the desired Email template.It is highly recommended to Download a Backup Template of ANY email templates an administrator is updating in case a mistake is made and you would like to revert to the original template.

  • Navigate to Templates via Platform Configuration>Email>Templates


  • SelectEmail Type>When Content is shared with external users. Email Signatures are only able to be added to email templates located under the Share notifications category.

  • Navigate to line 109 of the Email Body (we recommend this part of the template as the Signature will appear under the Files Shared section of the Hubshare). Place cursor at the beginning of the line.
  • From the Insert Variables drop down menu Click on Actor Signature

  • Select Reload Preview to preview the email.

  • Complete. Any new Hubshare emails will include the end users signature.

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