User Bulk Upload-Best Practices

Best Practices for User Bulk Upload:

  • Download a sample template from the Content Hub V4 as a starting point
  • Include the following fields: 
    • First Name
    • Surname (Last Name)
    • Email
    • Password
    • Platform
    • Language
    • Configuration Bundle
    • Reports
    • Timezone (UTC)
    • Digest Email
  • If importing a large number of users, up to 500 at a time works best. 
    • If there are multiple groups or multiple custom user metadata, the load takes a bit longer but should be complete within a few minutes
  • Ensure that your upload file is ONLY Users or ONLY Admins and not both. If Admins are on the list mixed with Users, you can erroneously remove Admin permissions in the upload. 
  • If no errors are received and the import process is scheduled but the users are not loading, check the following:
    • Names from other languages sometimes error/non English characters: example issue:  «ˆz¸mleri 
      • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Another example:  AVANSIS IntegraciÛn, S.L.
    • Remove any extra spaces at the end of the email, name, etc. 
    • If the email exists in another tenant, the user will not load
    • A hyphen in someone's name or email is ok




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