Pitchbuilder Presentation for iOS

The Presentation tab under the create menu offers users a completely customizable powerpoint. Tap the Presentation tab under the Create Menu and user's will see a screen similar to this: 

By tapping on the desired area, users can begin typing to customize their title and subtitle. There's a variety of text options listed on the toolbar at the top of the screen. 

Text Customizations


Font Type

Users can designate their desired font type by tapping the first text box. This prompts a drop down menu similar to this: 


Users can scroll through a large variety of fonts and select the appropriate one. Some fonts have a circle encompassing an "i." These fonts have customizations specific to that particular font. 

Font Size

The next option, directly to the right of Font Type is Font Size. A user can make their font as large or small as fit. BY simply tapping the font size, a menu prompts. This allows for the scrolling of different sizes. 

Bold, Italicized, Underline

The next three options are bolding, italicizing, and underlying text. By tapping the desired customization, or combination of all 3, the following text will appear with the specified designation. If a user wishes to bold, italicize, and/or underline existing text, they can highlight the text and tap the desired font customization. 


Users may decide they wish their text to appear in a certain alignment. By tapping the icon with several horizontal lines, a drop down menu provides several options. Tap the desired alignment and all existing text will abide. 

Text Color

Users have the option to change the text color. By tapping the capital A with a solid bar beneath, a drop menu with a large variety of colors appear. Tap the desired color and the all the text that follows will appear that color. If a user wishes existing text to be a color, they may highlight the desired text and then select the color. 


Background/Highlighting Color

Users have the option to change the background color of the text. By tapping the paint icon, a drop menu appears. A user may select from a wide variety of colors, or select the very first box--an off white box with a red slash through it--for no background color.      


Selecting the icon of several vertical lines with a right way facing arrow will cause an indention of the entire document. The subsequent icon of several vertical lines and a leftward facing arrow will reverse any indention placed.

Additional Customizations

Users have additional options in customizing visuals  by tapping the Ruler and Pencil icon in the upper right corner. Tapping the icon prompts the following toolbar to appear: 


Text Box

Starting with the left most icon, users have the opportunity to add a text box. Simply tap the icon and a new text box will appear. 

Users start typing to fill in the desired description. Tap and hold the perimeter of the box and move the text box to a desired location. The four corners of the text box can be used to expand the box. The yellow dot just above the box allows for rotation of the box. 

Add A Shape

The Circle and Box icon allows users to add a variety of shapes. By tapping the icon a drop down menu will appear and users select the desired shape. 

1. Change the shape color. 

By tapping the Paint Can icon, a drop menu appears with a large variety of color choices. Select the desired color and the shape will adopt the color. At the very bottom, users can decide on opacity and transparency. Simply move the circle along the spectrum to find the desired opacity. 

2. Change Line Color

The outer line of a shape can adopt other colors as well. In similar fashion, users click the Pen icon, and a drop down color menu appears. Tap the desired color, customize the opacity with the spectrum at the bottom. 

3. Change Line Type

Users can change the type of border a shape has. Tap the icon with a variety of lines. This will prompt a drop down menu with several different line options. Tap the desired line pattern. Users may also customize the thickness of the border by adjusting the Weight number at the top of the menu. 

Adding A Signature

Users can add a customized signature by tapping the Pen icon just to the right of the Shape icon. Tapping that icon will prompt the following window. 

Using information provided via a user’s profile, users can decide what elements they want on their signature. Tap the desired information and it will be added to the signature. Tap the Insert button in the top right corner and the signature will be added to the slide. 

Insert Image

Tapping the Picture icon, users can add an image from a variety of resources. 

1. Take Photo: Users can take a photo in real time with their mobile device’s camera. 

2. Camera Roll: Users can add a pre-existing photo from their mobile device’s camera roll. Simply navigate through the roll and select the desired photo. 

3. Image Search: Users can search either search within the Hub, or search for an image on the internet. Simply type in a desired image, select the Bigtincan or Web Search tab, and select the appropriate picture. The picture will be added to the slide. 

Layering Elements

Users have the opportunity to layer elements. The selected element is represented by the dark gray square. Tap whichever layering format desired represented by the four different icons on the toolbar. 


Once a document contains text, a user has the ability to search the text for a certain term. By clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, a search bar will appear across the top of the screen. Simply type in the desired term, and the all matching terms within the document will be highlighted. 

There will, also, be a match count at the very bottom of the screen, stating how many total search matches are in the document. 


Users can start their presentation by tapping the right facing arrow in the top right corner. 

This will prompt the beginning of the presentation similar to this: 

Users will swipe left to proceed to the next slide. If they wish to go to a previous slide, they will swipe right. 


Users can draw on the presentation while presenting to emphasize or draw attention to a certain element. Tap the squiggle line in the top left:

Select the desired color and start drawing. Tap the trash can next to the colors to delete any drawing. 

Preview Slides

Users can preview the order of slides by tapping the paper icon in the top right corner and the slides will appear in the a menu on the right of the screen. 

Use this menu as a preview or users can tap the slide they wish to jump to. 


Presenters have the option to access notes while presenting. Note these notes will not be seen by audience members of the presentation. Tap the Paper icon in the top left and a drop down menu with notes appears: 

All notes loaded by the presenter will be accessed here during the presentation. 


Users have the availability to display their presentation on other Airplay compatible devices. By tapping the TV icon in the top right corner, users can connect via Airplay. 


Presenters have the opportunity to broadcast to large digital audiences through the Broadcasting feature. Tap the circle surrounded by curved lines to enable a broadcast.

Users can password protect their presentation, so those only with the correct password may view. A presenter may also send invites to their presentation on the following page.

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