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In the Create Menu, users have quick access to new document creation by tapping the tab titled "Document." This will prompt a blank document to appear similar to this: 


Users can begin typing in the blank space provided. At the top of the page, users have access to a tool bar similar to this: 

There are a variety of customizations available to users through this tool bar such as: 


Font Type

Users can designate their desired font type by tapping the first text box. This prompts a drop down menu similar to this: 

Users can scroll through a large variety of fonts and select the appropriate one. Some fonts have a circle encompassing an "i." These fonts have customizations specific to that particular font. 

Font Size

The next option, directly to the right of Font Type is Font Size. A user can make their font as large or small as fit. BY simply tapping the font size, a menu prompts. This allows for the scrolling of different sizes. 

Bold, Italicized, Underline

The next three options are bolding, italicizing, and underlying text. By tapping the desired customization, or combination of all 3, the following text will appear with the specified designation. If a user wishes to bold, italicize, and/or underline existing text, they can highlight the text and tap the desired font customization. 


Users may decide they wish their text to appear in a certain alignment. By tapping the icon with several horizontal lines, a drop down menu provides several options. Tap the desired alignment and all existing text will abide. 

Text Color

Users have the option to change the text color. By tapping the capital A with a solid bar beneath, a drop menu with a large variety of colors appear. Tap the desired color and the all the text that follows will appear that color. If a user wishes existing text to be a color, they may highlight the desired text and then select the color. 


Background/Highlighting Color

Users have the option to change the background color of the text. By tapping the paint icon, a drop menu appears. A user may select from a wide variety of colors, or select the very first box--an off white box with a red slash through it--for no background color.      

Numbering and Bulleting

A user can add either a list with numbers or bullet points if appropriate. A numbered list will appear by tapping the 1,2,3 each followed by a line. A bulleted list will appear by selecting the bullets each followed by a line. Every time a user presses enter, a new bullet, or number will appear depending on the specified customization. 


Selecting the icon of several vertical lines with a right way facing arrow will cause an indention of the entire document. The subsequent icon of several vertical lines and a leftward facing arrow will reverse any indention placed. 


The very last icon on the toolbar is the option to add a picture from a variety of sources. A user may add an image by taking a photo with their mobile device. They may add an image from their camera roll. They may add an image through image search, which includes all of Bigtincan's images or through a web search. 


Once a document contains text, a user has the ability to search the text for a certain term. By clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, a search bar will appear across the top of the screen. Simply type in the desired term, and the all matching terms within the document will be highlighted. 

There will, also, be a match count at the very bottom of the screen, stating how many total search matches are in the document. 

Undo, Redo, Print & Done

In the top left corner, some additional actions are available. 

The leftward facing arrow is the Undo function. Users may use this to negate the most recent action they took on the document. 

The rightward facing arrow is the Redo function. This function is only available if the user has previously used the Undo function and wishes to negate that Undo action. 

The ellipsis icon prompts a drop down window with an option to print. 

Lastly, the done option prompts a drop down menu with a variety of saving options. A user simply taps the option desired and the file will be saved to the specified destination. 


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