Overview of Salesloft

Users can access and add any content within Bigtincan Hub to SalesLoft emails and cadences. Once a user has a license for Bigtincan, they can simply authorize SalesLoft to access the Hub and search, browse, and embed content.


1. Install the Bigtincan for SalesLoft app.


2. Compose an email and open the integrations icon to see Bigtincan. Click on the selection.

3. Authorize SalesLoft to access content in Bigtincan.  Log in with Hub ID or Custom Domain.





4. Users will see a list of the actions that the Bigtincan Hub are authenticated to do. If acceptable, click on the "Grant Access" button at the bottom of the screen.



5. The Home Browse screen shows the categories for user's content as they appear in the Hub. Click on a category to view all the available content within that category. Users can either navigate to the "Home Browse" page or simply return to the previous page using the persistent navigation icons at the top left.  




6. Content List – This page allows users to add multiple content items to an email or cadence by checking the box to the left of the File Type icon. Select the desired files and click “Add Files”.  



*Tip: Preview the attached files by tapping the Preview text on the right. 

The preview button will open a new tab within your browser to view the complete document. 


*Tip: Searching for Content-- If users prefer not to browse through content, they can utilize the search field.  Select the text box and begin typing the title to search for desired content. 



7. The comprehensive list of content appears in the body of the generated email as individual, selectable buttons. 



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