Main Menu Overview for Webapp

User's have quick access to various features in the Hub through the Main Menu. The Main Menu is located on the very left side of the page, as well as, the top right corner and displays icons representing the various options. This menu is constantly available through the different pages in the Hub.
*NOTE: The Help Site may display a Hub with differing options depending on your administrators specific customizations.  


Options include: 

1.Zunos--Clicking this icon takes a user to the Zunos site. 

2.Create Quick Menu--Clicking this icon presents a drop menu, allowing quick access to a user's various creation options.  

3.Search--Clicking this icon allows a user to search files and stories within the Hub. 

4.Profile--Clicking this icon, a user has quick access to their profile, as well as a variety of options including: Settings, Notifications, Help, Support, and the option to sign out.  


5.Bigtincan--Clicking this icon brings the user to the Homepage. This page a user can explore the featured content, featured links, and featured people. *Note: The Homepage may offer different tabs depending on your administrator's specific customization. 

6.Stories--Clicking this icon brings the user to the stories Page. A user can explore various stories. *Note the terminology may differ according to your specific organization. See your administrator for specific nomenclature.   

7.Chat--Clicking this icon brings the user to the Chat Page. This page allows the user to construct conversations with someone in your organization. 

8.Activity--Clicking this icon brings the user to the Activity Page. This page presents various notifications and upcoming meetings. 

9.Me--Clicking this icon brings you to your Profile Page. This page has a large variety for customization. 

10.Archive--Clicking this icon brings the user to the Archive Page. This page displays all the archived content.

11.Forms--To use forms please use the v4 web app.

12.Reports--Clicking this icon brings the user to the Reports Page. This page allows the perusal of Personal Reports and Custom Reports. 

For a more detailed account of each option's properties, please refer to the corresponding User Guide article.

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