The final option on the default home page is the People page. The People page is broken into two different sections: 

Recommendations and Directory. Select the desired section at the top of the page. 




Featured People

Under Recommendations, users will see a series of people listed as "Featured People." Under this header, users gain easy access to other user's profiles by clicking either the corresponding name or picture. There is also the option to follow a user by clicking the "Follow" button directly below the name and title. Directly to the right of the featured person's information is a series of content they have recently published or updated. 



Under the People option, users have access to everyone within the organization. From here, users can either search for the person directly using the search bar up top:

 Or manually browse the list. Once the desired person is found, users can access their profile by clicking their picture/name, start a direct messaging thread by clicking on the chat bubble, or craft an email with the envelope icon. 

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