Screen Recording for iOS

Users can record a session on  their screen via the IOS app. By tapping the Screen Recording tab under the Create Menu. User's will be prompted to following screen. 


Depending on the recording goals, users can enable a few different toggles. 

 Device Camera

This option allows for simultaneous recording of the screen and outside elements detected by the devices camera. Enabling the camera toggle action will prompt further clarification. Under Camera Position, users will decide between the front camera and the back camera. Note, while recording, a user can switch cameras by tapping the camera with two arrows icon. This allows a simultaneous recording of the screen, as well as, whatever outside elements the designated camera are recording.


Enabling the microphone feature allows for simultaneous recording of sound, as well as, the screen.


Once all settings are completed, users will tap the "Start Screen Recording" button at the bottom of the screen. 

This will prompt the recording to commence and show a screen similar to the following:

If the device's camera is enabled, the preview screen will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. However, that preview screen can be moved by tapping and sliding the screen to a desired location. Also, if a user wishes to change the devices camera position (front camera to back camera or vice versa) they can do so by tapping the preview screen, and tapping the camera icon with two arrows. 


If users wish to adjust their settings mid-recording, they can so by tapping the red bar across the top of the screen. They can enable or disable any of the recording options by tapping the appropriate icon: microphone icon controls sound recording, and video camera icon controls access to the devices camera. This is also where users will stop the recording by tapping the red circle in the middle of the screen. 

Once the recording is done, users can playback the video by tapping the play button on the prompted screen. If the recording is complete, users will tap the "Save" button in the top right or decide to rerecord by tapping the "Discard" button in the top left.  

If the user is ready to save the video, they can decide where the video will be stored: 

Save to Local Files

Add to New Content

Add to Existing Content


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