Device Share for iOS

Device Share gives users an opportunity to share files via methods outside the Hub and native to the device. To begin the process users will tap the Device Share tab under the Create Menu. This will prompt the following window.

Add Files

Users will select the Add Files button either in the middle of the screen or in the bottom right. Users will navigate through the Channels > Tabs > Stories hierarchy until the desired file is selected. Users can be sure the file is selected by the highlighted checked circle to the left of the file. 

Once the file is selected, tap the Add button in top right of the screen. Users can add multiple files to the device share by tapping the Add File button at the bottom right of the screen. All added files will appear as a list on the Device Share screen like so:

Remove Files

If a user decides they no longer wish to include a particular file in this Device Share, they can tap the "Select" button at the bottom left of the screen.

Tapping the Select button will trigger the following screen: 

Here, users may select individual files they wish to remove by tapping the red circle encompassing the minus sign. They also may tap the "Remove All" button in the bottom left to start from scratch. Tap the "Done" button when all file filtering has completed. 

Share Files

Once a users has all the desired files attached, they will tap the "Share" button in the top right corner. This prompts a menu, allowing users to select which device native sharing method they wish to use. 

Tap whichever method they wish and follow that particular app's usage instructions.

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