Search Functions for iOS

Clicking the Search Button on the main menu brings users to the search page. 

Here users have the option for poignant search of files and content through a variety of customizable circumstances:


Type Ahead Suggestions

Begin by tapping the "Search Bar" and typing the desired search term/phrase. The search will automatically generate potential options as a user types. Either continue typing or select one of the suggestions. 


File or Story

Users must decide if they are searching for a story or a particular file by selecting either "Files" or "Story" directly below the search text box.

Note: The term for story appears as content in these depictions, see your administrator for specifics on your company's customizable terminology. 

By selecting File, users will see results pertaining to specific files such as a PDF.  By selecting Story, users will see results pertaining to stories, including matches within the story's description. Users may switch between File and Story search at any time by tapping the respective button. 


Search Within

Whether a user searches for a file or a story, they have the ability to discriminate based on channel. Simply tap the "Search Within" option directly below the "File/Story" selection and a user is directly brought to the Tab Hierarchy. Users browse until they find the desired tab and select the appropriate Story(s). The search results will only show matches within those particular stories. 




Date Modified/Date Added

Whether searching for a file or a story, users have the opportunity to categorize within a date window. 

Files are categorized by which the date they are added to the Hub. 

Stories are categorized by latest date in which they received any kind of modification. 

Either way, a user will select the "Date Modified/Added" option directly below the "Search Within" option. This will prompt a user to select the "After and Before" dates, creating that window by which the search will display. 


Additional Filters

In the top right corner of the Search Page, users have access to additional filtering. Tap the "Filters" button for a wider variety of options. 

Listed below are the various options a user might include for a more tailored search result:


Filter Type
File Type
  • All File Types
  • PDF
  • Powerpoint
  • Video
  • Other: Audio, Word, Excel, and Many More!
File Size
  • Any Size
  • 0-1MB
  • 1-5MB
  • 5-25MB
  • 25-100MB
  • 100MB-1GB
  • 1BG+
Search Within All
File Name
File Content
File Tags


Search Results

Once a user has defined a set of search circumstances, all relevant results will display on the following screen:


The matching terms will be highlighted for quick understanding of the results relevance. Users can select the order in which the results appear by tapping the "Sort" option, just above the list of results. This will prompt the following Screen: 


Tap the desired sorting option and return to the search page.

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