Start a Pitch

The Pitch Builder Document feature is a way for users to compile multiple files from the Hub into a single document or Presentation.

File Types compatible with Pitchbuilder

Web app: allows PDF, PPT and Video files to be added to pitch builder.
iOS: allows PDF, PPT, Video, Image, Doc and XLS
Windows: allows PDF, PPT, Video, Image, Doc and XLS
Android: allows PDF, PPT, Video, Image, Doc and XLSPitch Builder allows users to create customized

*Note: PDF or PPT documents using pages or slides in other shareable files already available to them.

Create a Pitch

There are two possible workflows to follow in order to start a pitch: 

  • From Pitch Builder Tab 
  • From the File Details Page

Start a Pitch from Pitch Builder Tab

  1. Access Pitch Builder from the Navigation Bar
    or Create Menu Tab 
  2. Select the Add File Option Screen_Shot_2023-04-07_at_9.07.39_AM.png
  3. Navigate through available content by
    • Searching for a specific file in the Search Bar
    • Screen_Shot_2023-04-07_at_9.13.32_AM.png
    • Browse content through the hierarchical content structure

  4. Designate the desired files then select the Add Files option Screen_Shot_2023-04-07_at_9.14.32_AM.png
  5. The file(s) will be added to Pitch Builder Screen_Shot_2023-04-07_at_9.17.09_AM.png

Start a Pitch from the File Details Page

  1. Navigate to the story page hosting the desired file
  2. Locate the Files section Screen_Shot_2023-04-07_at_9.24.25_AM.png
  3. Select the file to open the File Viewer
  4. Select the More Menu designated by an ellipsis (...) in the upper right corner Screen_Shot_2023-04-07_at_9.30.11_AM.png
  5. Select either "Add File to Pitch Builder" or "Add Page to Pitch Builder" to generate a new pitch. 



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