Notes for iOS

The fifth section in the Me section is Notes. This is a library of all the user's personal notes, as well as a starting point in note creation. 

To start a new note, users tap the "Create Note" button. This will bring them to a text editor with a plethora of options. 

Start by typing a title or the body of the note. This will give access to the variety of text customizations. 

Users may: 

  1. Customize font style and Size
  2. Decide whether certain text should be Bold, Italicized, or Underlined. 
  3. Set Text Positioning
  4. Decide Font Coloring
  5. Add Numerical Lists or Bullet Points
  6. Customize Indentations 
  7. Add Linkage

Adding Non-text Components to a Note

Users have the option to add different elements to their notes. 

In the upper right corner of the Note, users have will see these symbols--each representing a type of non-textual element to enhance the note. In respective order a user may: 

  1. Draw on the Note
  2. Add a Voice Recording to the Note
  3. Add an Image from their device to the Note
  4. Share the Note
  5. Loge to Salesforce or Delete the Note

*In addition, a user may link the Note to a specific story in the Hub by tapping "Add Link to Story" underneath the title and selecting the desired story.

In the end, a customized note with a variety of elements may look like: 

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