Hubshares for iOS

User's can quickly share files through the HubShare feature in the Create Menu. By tapping the HubShare tab in the Create Menu, users are prompted to the HubShare template where they can easily fill out some customizations and share files. Users will see the following screen:


 User's will fill in the appropriate recipient email. They have the additional options to add:

1.   More recipients in the CC category.

2. An appropriate subject if so desired in the Subject category.

3. A message in the body of the email. 

Just below the optional Message section, users can select a language for the email. Tap the tap titled "Language" and an extensive list of languages will appear. Select the desired language. 

Attach Files

Users will tap the "Add File(s)" button to attach the content they wish to share. Once the user taps the button, a menu will appear. The users will navigate through the Tabs >Channels > Stories hierarchy to select the desired files. 

Users can be sure the file is selected by the check circle next to the file. Once selected, tap the "Add" button in top right of the menu to attach the files. 

CRM Integration

If the user wishes to enable the CRM integration of Salesforce, they may do so by tapping the tab directly below the "Add Files" section titled "Auto Log Share to Salesforce." This will prompt the user to login to Salesforce and the files statistics will be recorded. 

Preview and Share

Once the HubShare fields are accurately filled and the desired files attached, user can preview their email by tapping the Eye icon in top right corner. 

This will prompt a preview in a new window. If the user wishes to send the HubShare, they will tap the "Share" button on the right of the Eye icon. 

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