Profile for iOS

The Me page is a composition of a users Profile, Content, Settings and more. When tapping the Me icon on the application Tab Bar, a user is automatically brought to the Profile section. The various sections are listed on the left side of the screen. 
A user's profile presents a user's profile picture, Social IQ Badge, name and other customizable information. To update or add more information, a user simply taps the "Edit" button and new window will appear with various informational fields to fill out. *See below. 

Below the user's information on the left side of the screen displays a numerical representation of a user's followers as well as the number of people the user is following. 

Lastly, a list of stories with which the user has interacted will appear in descending order starting with most recently used. 

If a user wishes to update their title or other information present on their profile, they will tap the edit button below the current information. That will prompt the following window: 

A user can decide what information they want present. If they wish to leave the information private, the user simply leaves the area blank. *Note: if the user choses to fill out the social media sections, this will appear as the respective social media icon below and to the right of the other information. 

To update the profile picture, tap the circle and select the desired photo. Tap the delete photo button if a user wishes to go without an image. This will prompt a circle with the user's initials, if visual representation is ever necessary. 

Make sure to tap the "Save" button in the top right corner to update your progress, or cancel to reset to the initial settings.

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