People for iOS

The third tab at the top of the Homepage is People. Tap this tab and users are brought to a directory of all their organization's users in the Hub. 


Similar to You

At the top of the screen is a list of people suggested specifically for the individual user. The user is represented by their profile picture--if uploaded--or by the users initials, as seen in this screenshot. By tapping either the name or the picture, the user is redirected to the represented user's profile. 

Search Users

Directly below the "Similar to you" section is a search option. This allows for the quick locating of a specific user.

Full Directory of Users

Directly below the Search Option, a comprehensive list of the company's users will appear. A user may browse throughout the list if desired.  By default, the users are categorized alphabetically by first name. However, there is an option to alter the categorization. There is a button just to the right of the search bar. 

Tap this button and a drop menu appears:

Users can select their preferred method of sorting. Tap the desired categorizing method and the page will auto refresh within the new parameters.


User Interaction

Once a user locates a particular coworker, they have a myriad of possible interactions. On the very right of the screen users will find an ellipsis encompassed by a circle. 

Tap this option for the following possible interactions: 

Tap the desired option and users are directed to respective action.


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