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The Home Section on the IOS Mobile App is divided into 3 sections: Featured, Links, and People. A user may navigate to each section by tapping the respective buttons at the top of the page. 



By default, a user begins on the "Featured" page which displays a variety of featured content. The first section a user sees is the Featured Stories section. This section displays Featured Stories, a characteristic indicated by the Story's author, in a banner across the screen.  For more information on how to make your story a Featured Story, go to Getting Started with Stories. Each Featured Story displays a picture, the title and author--directly below the picture. The Story also presents its Content IQ Badge in the upper left corner of the picture Go to Gamification, Social IQ, and Content IQ for more information on badges. The upper right shows how many likes and comments a story has received.  

A user simply taps the picture or title and is directed to the story.

Note there is also an additional button to take users to their Completed Meetings Log page. 

This calendar button appears in the top right corner of the Featured section, directly above the Featured Stories Banner. User need only tap this button and they will be redirected.

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