Chat for iOS

By tapping the chat button on the main menu, users may construct direct, instant messages with other members of their organization in the Hub. 

Initially, when tapping the chat icon, users will find a menu to the very left side of the screen. This column contains recent chat conversations. In the upper left corner is an edit button, which allows users to edit/delete conversations from the cue. In the upper right corner of the column, users may click the pen and paper to construct a new conversation. 

Once the recipient has been selected, a chat window will appear. 


From this point, users have a variety of communication options. In the top right corner, users can voice call, video call, or access the recipients information by clicking the respective button. 

There's a text box at the bottom of the screen for message construction. On the left of the text box is a button with a plus sign. When clicked, users have options to attach a file from their device, or content from the Hub.  

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