iPad Pro and M4 Suite Content Compatibility Issues

It has come to our attention that there is an issue with iPad Pro compatibility on content built for the Agnitio Manager Suite (M4). When an iPad Pro interacts with these eDetailers, the iPlanner will mistakenly register the device as an iPhone.

This results in two errors:

  1. The page tracking is not registered and does not show up in analytics reports.
  2. The custom events are captured but are structured differently than normal, which means they do not show up in reports.

The solution to this is to replace the agnitio.js file within the framework folder of the eDetailers. We have made the file available to you on the following link:


Remember, this is only an issue for iPad Pro. If you are running older devices and do not plan on using iPad Pro, an upgrade of the agnitio.js file is not necessary.

Should you need assistance with this, please contact Agnitio@support.com with your inquiry.

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