Rainmaker 1:10: SSO and Two-way CRM Synchronization

Single sign-on (SSO)

With SSO, we offer our clients the ability to connect their identity provider (IDP) to our system, so users use single sign-on to log in to Rainmaker. Users only have to enter one set of credentials to access Rainmaker across all platforms, which heavily reduces password fatigue and, as a result, increases usability. Data is kept secure and SSO ensures better security by decreasing the potential attack surface.

See what it looks like:

Rainmaker on web. In the above example, we are using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD), but we are agnostic and can connect to the IDP or AD of your choice.

Rainmaker on iOS.

The release does not include:

  • Single log-out

  • User management via AD or IDP

Two-way CRM synchronization

Clients can now upgrade their CRM integration. With two-way synchronization, calls are updated and synchronized across the Rainmaker and CRM platform, regardless of what system the call is created, edited, and updated in by directly connecting the CRM to Rainmaker. This ensures better experiences for both sales reps and managers, as calls are always up to date for better overview and workflow.

To further enhance this experience, we are now enabling back-up of planned face-to-face (f2f) and remote calls, so the schedule is kept secure in case a device is stolen, broken, replaced or in other ways lost.

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